Connect by Sycomore is a complete solution to help you manage your venue operation and visitor experience, from content and guiding to ticketing and delivery.

It's time to transform your visitor journey.

The Covid crisis has created new priorities within the cultural and heritage sector. Institutions of all sizes are questioning how they can stay relevant to visitors in the new dynamic. Important questions arise:

  • How to create an engaging visitor offer within a constrained budget?
  • How to provide great content with just a skeletal curatorial team?
  • How to improve their visibility and ease of booking?
  • How to digitalise the complete visitor journey?
  • How to better manage visitor flows and sanitization procedures?
  • How to quickly bring in additional revenue?
  • How to take advantage of immediate funding opportunities?

Connect by Sycomore is the simple and effective turnkey solution to all of those concerns. We’ve developed this solution to provide all sites with the opportunity to create an exceptional experience; from the small, newly opened gallery with no audio guide, to the national museum that needs a simple and quick solution for a centenary event or exhibition - Connect by Sycomore is for you.

Complete solutions - flexible, cost-effective and engaging.

These sample packages contain three key deliverables for a complete visitor experience:

  • Content creation and production to tell your story
  • Smartphone technology to guide and engage your visitors
  • Ticketing, booking and statistics tools to connect with your audience

With Connect by Sycomore, every site can benefit from our expertise, accrued through 30+ years of experience, compressed into a fully comprehensive and cost-effective digital solution.

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