Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solutions

Installation, maintenance and training

Once a project has been completed, maintenance becomes our priority.

Our engineers and technicians ensure that all equipment is installed correctly and that your staff is fully trained.

Venue management & staff

We also provide a concession service - dedicated teams who take care of visitor reception, audioguide distribution, satisfaction surveys, etc. We collect and analyse visitor data from these locations, adapting and developing our solutions according to visitors’ needs.

We have 25-35 employees on our reception team, all of whom were recruited for their excellent customer service, relevant experience and ability to speak several foreign languages.

Ticketing and booking

Wave is our online booking system for managing sales and the booking process; from ticket purchase to the issuing of the QR code. Using our fully integrated system, visitors can seamlessly book your experiences through your website or through other distribution channels such as online travel agencies.

Combining a guiding solution and direct ticket booking functionality on your site will help you become more accessible, bookable and attractive.

Data and visitor profiling

We will help you observe, study and know your audience. Our visitor profiling tool box will provide you with the following services:  Smart tour data (POIs listened to, visitor nationalities, heat map…) as well as qualitative satisfaction surveys.

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