Le château de Versailles  
Le Guidepass pour les visites en groupes


Versailles Castle is the third most visited place in France behind the Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the Louvre Museum. Every year, millions of tourists discover the famous Galerie des Glaces, the Appartements du Roi or the renowned French gardens imagined by Le Nôtre…

Visit tours are constantly developed in order the meet increasing visitor attendance: visit apps audio guided tours, theme-guided visits…


Due to the large number of visitors, tour guides always equip their groups with a tour guide system. The system allows them to maintain visitor attention throughout the whole visit without having to raise their voice.

  • When several groups are in the same room, the quality of the transmission may be weakened. The castle wants to avoid any risk of radio transmission interference.
  • Versailles Castle has an extremely high visitor flow, it is fundamental to provide its tours guides with a handy and very simple system.


Our tour guide system, Guidepass was specifically designed for a simple and intensive usage.

  • This latest version is entirely automatic and integrates up to 64 channels. Hence 64 groups of visitors may be assembled in the same area without any interreference risk.
  • The devices installation is very quick:
  1. The transmission channel selection is done through the tour guide’s emitter
  2. The receivers switch automatically and instantly to the selected channel
  3. The visitors clip the receivers to their cloths and the put on headset to hear the tour guide.

Today, the Guidepass is the Château de Versailles’s official audio phone. You can find Sycomore’s reception desk at the entry of the castle!

“The Guidepass is extremely easy to use and to wear. It is very light. So light that visitors often forget they are wearing the device (… ) The sound quality is excellent and I haven’t had any battery or interferences problems”

Marie Julien, tour guide at the Château de Versailles