The universal audioguide

The Audiopass comes as a result of 30 years of visitor observation and of experience.

Requested by more than 50% of our clients and currently installed in hundred monuments, the Audiopass is extremely appreciated for its traditional appearance, its technical features, its robustness and its ease of use.


Audio video player
Good sound and picture quality
Comment triggering
Automatic or manuel via Beacons
Audio video synchronization
Infrared synchronization system
Statistical surveys
Quantitative and qualitative
Built-in antitheft system
Via RFID technology
Handicap accessibility
Hearing & visually impaired

Technical features 

Discover a simple and complete audioguiding system for optimal on-site management:

  • The language selector sets the chosen language in a few seconds. During the visit, the device automatically synchronizes itself with the audio-visual equipment.
  • Each device is equipped with an anti-theft system (RFID tag: without installation).
  • The Audiopass has a 12-hour autonomy and the charging racks can be directly fitted into on-site furniture.

The Audiopass has been proving its worth on the cultural tours for more than 10 years!