A fun and innovative audioguide

A few years ago, a customer shared with us his need to combine his audioguide with a tour map.

Inspired by childhood education which encourages learning through meaningful play, we came up with the Audiopen concept: an interactive pen able to launch audio comments when pointed towards a tour map.

The Audiopen quickly became the perfect audioguide for a large variety of indoor and outdoor tours. It provides fun and educational expériences suitable to all audiences, adults, families and children.

Innovative concept
"Talking pen"
Creative tours
Quiz and games
Easy to use
Point & listen
Orientation tool
When combined with a map
Low maintenance
No screen or keyboard
Indoor / outdoor
Museums, castles, citytours

Technical features 

Intuitive and extremely adaptable, the Audiopen is an optical reading pen which can be paired with a large variety of printed media: tours maps, boards, labels, stickers, brochures.

When a visitor points the Audiopen towards an encoded zone (picture, icon) it will immediately launch an audio commentary. Visitors are free to visit according to their own timing.

The device has a ten-hour battery life in continuous and it can store up to 20 languages or audio tours.

Over the years, the Audiopen has encouraged many the creative tour productions: children quiz tours, city theme tours, musical tours…