The efficient and elegant tour guide system

Our concern to improve the quality of communications within group tours has enabled us to continuously upgrade our guided tour system. Discover our simple and elegant Guidepass kit !

The Guidepass represents our 4th generation of tour guide system. Settings are extremely easy and the devices are entirely automatic.

The system is presented to you as a suitcase with an integrated charger to facilitate transport and operations.

Robust, lightweight and elegant
Easy to use
Easy to attach
Fully automatic
Long battery life
Excellent sound reception

Informations techniques 

Simple, efficient and extremely light, the Guidepass is our solution for all types of group tours: indoor just as well as outdoor, for castles, museums, city tours, gardens…

Especially designed for group guided tours, the Guidepass is user friendly and ensures a very good sound quality.

This system is entirely automatic and integrates 64 channels. All the guide has to do is to select a transmission channel and the receivers distributed to the visitors will instantly connect to the appropriate channel.

The receivers look like small white clips. They can be directly fixed on a person’s clothing. They only weight 30g, visitors even forget they are carrying the device.

The complete kit contains two transmitters with 2 headsets, 30 clip-on receivers with 30 headsets and a charger integrated in the suitcase.