Digital visit assistant

Our Mguide offers museums a wider range of possibilities to capture the attention, educate and entertain their visitors. Meet the trendy multimedia guide!

Enriched content
Sound, pictures, video, maps, social media
I.o.T. device
Interacts with all multimedia equipment
Augmented reality
Pictures, map, immersion, modelling, 2D & 3D
Survey statistics
Quantitative & qualitatives
Content update
Internal CMS: M-publisher

Technical features 

Built on the basis of a last-gen smartphone, the Mguide offers a lot more possibility than your traditional audioguide.

Its 5.5cm screen gives visitors easy access to all sorts of media: texts, pictures, videos, interviews which are directly stored onto the device.

Sycomore develops personalized audioguide apps which are adapted to all types of visitors: adults, children, visually impaired and hearing impaired.

The Mguide has been entirely developed for intense usage. It is composed of a robust and unshakable casing as well as an attachment strap to prevent the device from any types of damages.