Your personal storyteller

Over the last twenty years sophisticated screens and Audioguide Apps have become very popular in cultural and touristic tours. More recently, the launching of a “simple” headset has once again revolutionized cultural mediation.

The Sguide allows visitors to follow a tour using one of their first senses: hearing. They only have to listen to the audio contents and focus on the collections presented before them.

The Sguide is a personal storyteller with unique acoustic qualities: binaural, immersive, spatialized, 3D…

Spatialized sound
Exceptional sound quality
Easy to use
Created for visitor comfort
Fully automatic
Comments triggering
Freedom of movement
No cable or straps
Audio video synchronization
Connects to on sight videos and pictures
Statistical surveys
Qualitatives and quantitatives

Technical features 

The Soudguide was launched in 2018. Studies of visitor needs and expectations led Sycomore engineers to imagine this new concept.

Elegant, comfortable and entirely automatic, the Sguide delivers a superior sound experience.

Contents are triggered via beacon technology and audio-video synchronization is available via infrared.

Visitors do not need to handle the device they are merely guided by the audio comments. Hands-free, they are free to enjoy the tour, take notes, photos…

The Sguide’s charging rack includes a connector enabling content and setting updates, headset monitoring and visitor data analysis.