Dedicated services

We work closely with our clients to understand their organization’s needs and objectives to offer solutions, interpretation, tours and services perfectly suited their venue and visitors’ expectations. Sycomore’s marketing department is at your disposal to study the best form of cooperation: turnkey project, short rental, long-term leasing, revenue sharing…

We will accompany you from the beginning of your project to its full-on site implementation. We offer a full range of services to ensure safe and optimal on-site procedures.

We also provide a concession service in which case our dedicated teams take care of visitor reception, audioguide distribution, satisfaction surveys… We collect and analyse visitor data from these locations, adapting and developing our offers according to visitors’ needs.

Tourism developement

Our knowledge of the tourism industry will allow you to connect with major tourism actors, strengthen your position in your own destination ecosystem to create extended and full visitor experiences. We will help you develop new partnerships & tourism packages to reach a wider audience.

Smart data & visitor profiling

We will to help you observe, study and understand your audience, their habits and preferences. Our visitor profiling tool box will provide you with the following services:  Smart data, tour data, satisfaction surveys…

Installation, training and maintenance

Our engineers and technicians will make sure the audioguiding equipment is correctly installed and the museum staff is properly trained. Once the project has been completed, the maintenance of the digital devices becomes our priority.

On-site staff

We have 25-35 employees on our reception team. We recruit our receptionists according to their sense of responsibility, presentation and ability to speak several foreign languages.