POPGuide Museum | Cultural tour app

POPGuide Museum | Cultural tour app


The POPGuide™ application is already recognized in the tourism sector where it is used by major international tour operators. Now, it is POPGuide Museum™ that is making its debut in leading cultural sites such as the St. Peter's Basilica in Rome (Vatican). POPGuide Museum™ is our latest 100% digital solution dedicated to self-guided cultural tours. It is a native application that can be customized to your needs. POPGuide operate drirectly on the user's own smartphone. It can also be integrated into additional equipments or devices.

POPGuide Museum™ has all the features of a classic multimedia guide: multilingual commentaries, audio and visual content (text, images and video), navigation modes by list, virtual keyboard or by map, automatic triggering of comments by BLE and data reporting.

In addition to these features, POPGuide provides the ability to extend the visit beyond the walls of your institution. The app facilitates connection between visitors and your site before, during and after the visit. The platform allows you to not only share details of your institution but also to create additional value by sharing information about additional activities such as city tours around your venue or local recommendations (restaurants, other sites, etc.), building relationships and attracting a wider audience.

POPGuide Museum is the ideal tool to strengthen your position in your own destination ecosystem and create extended visitor experiences, providing an opportunity to create a city-wide experience with your site at the heart of it.

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